Homework Policy – Shanbally N.S.

Section A: Reasons/ Objectives
Section B: Content of Homework
Section C: General Overview

Section A: Reasons/ Objectives
Parents and teachers have a shared responsibility in the full education of the child. Homework provides an opportunity for the parents to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of schoolwork. It encourages parents to get involved, to discuss the day’s work with their child and to praise and encourage him/her.
Homework helps the child to revise and consolidate schoolwork and to deepen their understanding of it.
Homework helps the child to establish a disciplined, independent approach to work, especially in senior classes.
Homework provides a feedback for the teacher and helps to outline those areas which the child finds difficult.

Section B: Possible content of homework is outlined in the following –
All homework relates in some way to class work. Some homework may include the completion of unfinished class-work.
Irish Spelling and English Spelling – the amount of spelling to be learned, depending on class.
Irish Spelling – 3 to 6 Classes
English Spelling – late Senior Infants to 6 Classes
Tables/ Mental Maths.
Irish Reading/ English Reading/ Written Maths/ English Writing/ Exercise on Environmental Studies/ Handwriting Exercise/ Picture to Colour.
Memory Work – Poem/ Prayer
Wherever possible diversity is introduced so as to make homework more interesting. This includes project work at Senior classes, where groups/ individual children work on a topic/ theme related to class work.
Junior children with their parents may be requested by the class teacher to visit a local fruit/fish/grocer shop/observe birds etc. to reinforce any related class environmental work.
Each class library is very well sourced with library books. Every child is encouraged to take a book home to read. At Junior level, Paired reading with Parent is encouraged.
Looking up information in home/local library encyclopaedias, newspapers, journals, magazines etc.

Section C: General Overview
Each child, in 1 to 6 classes, has a notebook/homework journal, in which he/she writes the work given by the teacher on that day. This should be signed when parents are satisfied that homework is completed satisfactorily.
All homework should be completed fully and checked by parents for effort and neatness (C.7 School Rules No.5)
Incomplete homework should be accompanied by a note.
A set time should be set aside for homework i.e. away from the TV and other possible noisy disturbances
It is difficult to individualise homework. In any class, children’s ability varies and so some children will spend a longer /shorter time completing work than others. If a parent feels that their child is spending too long at his/her work a note of explanation will suffice. (C.7 (ii) above) If a child appears to be continuously anxious about his/her homework, a parent should arrange to meet the class teacher to discuss same, as soon as possible. There may also be occasions when a child cannot get homework done i.e. due to sickness or other circumstances in the home, and teachers are reasonable about this as long as it is communicated to the school through a note or visit from parents.
Consideration should be given to children with varied needs. Homework can be modified to their individual needs. Where possible, children with varied needs should get the same homework as their peers though this may have to be modified. Again where possible, a balance of class work and resource/learning support homework should be given. If, on occasion, homework proves to be too stressful, a note to the class/resource/learning support teacher stating that homework has not been completed is required.

Please note: Homework is given daily in every class but there will be some days during the year where no homework is given, due to certain circumstances pertaining at that time.

Weekend Homework: No written homework will be issued at the weekend, but the emphasis will be on Library Book or general reading assignments which Teachers may assess after the weekend. Also in middle/Senior classes children may be asked to do some observation or preparatory assignments for project work.

Note: The taking of Holidays and Homework during School Term Time:
Teachers are not expected to make out individualised homework schedules for children/ parents who are taking time-out for holidays during Term-time and should not be asked to do so. The amount of Learning and Teacher/contact time cannot be made up by doing a few worksheets the child may have missed while on holiday.