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Internet Safety in our school

2016 Prizewinners:

Theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day:       

Play your part for a better internet

Overall Best Entry:   

“Scary Fairy Tales” by   Maebh O’Mahony (4th

Best Poster:     “You are the Key” by      Adam Maye (6th)       

Most Colourful Poster: Josh Bartlett 

Most Imaginative poster:    Lillimarie Scannell     (3rd)                                      

Poster with excellent advice for online safety :      Doireann O’Flynn (3rd)


Best Poem: “Lily’s Internet Safety Poem” by      Lily Calnan (3rd)

Runner-Up: Poetry:       Sophie Geary   (3rd)


Most Creative Drawing :      Aisling O’Mahony  (6th)

Joint Runner-Up: Creative awards:   James O’Keeffe (4th)  and   Shane O’Mahony(3rd )


Excellent use of Technology –  Powerpoint :

              “How to Stay Safe Online” by    Emma Nyhan  (5th)

Joint Runner-Up Excellent use of Technology: Daniel Hall (4thand  Grace Orchard (3rd)


Scary-Fairytales by Maebh O’Mahony 

  (Click to open)

Wolf  Scary Fairytales

2016 Safer Internet Competition (20)

                                             Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

2016 SI Comp Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood had always been told in school that if she ever was being bullied online that she would tell an adult that you trust.

One day Little Red Riding hood was on snapchat on her phone when she got a friend request from a little boy. His username was ‘Wolfie645’. She accepted his friend request and sent him a picture of herself, saying ‘Hey, wat u up2?’ He didn’t reply for a while but when he did he sent ‘I hate your hood, it’s disgusting!’ with a picture of a tree. Little Red Riding Hood was really hurt by this and didn’t know what to do. It didn’t even cross her mind to tell her granny. That night she was really worried and had nightmares about it.

The next morning she woke up and found another message from ‘Wolfie645’. It said ‘I heard that you bring a basket full of food to your granny every week, how lame is that!’ Little Red Riding Hood was getting so upset now she thought she was going to cry. But still she didn’t tell her parents. She thought it would get better but it only got worse. The morning after that she woke up and found a whole group of horrible messages about her from ‘Wolfie645’. That night she felt so bad she thought that she was going to get sick. This kept going on for about a week until Little Red Riding Hood decided she had to do something about it.

On Friday she walked to her Granny’s cottage with her basket of food like she did every week. Usually she skipped all the way but today she trudged down the lane. To her it felt like an age until finally she got to her Granny’s cottage. She ran up the path and into her Granny’s arms. Little Red Riding Hood started bawling crying and just couldn’t stop. Her Granny asked her what was wrong and Little Red Riding Hood blurted the whole thing out. She knew that she could trust her Granny so she told her everything. When Little Red Riding Hood had finished talking, her Granny told her that everything would be alright.


Hi, I’m Little Red Riding Hood and I’m really, really glad that I told my Granny about my bully. It turned out that ‘Wolfie645’ was actually a Big Bad Wolf! Can you believe that?! He had been bullying lots of little kids like me but now he is in ‘Villain Jail’ and he’s never coming out- ever! Isn’t that great! I don’t know what my Granny did but whatever she did do The Big Bad Wolf  doesn’t bully me anymore and that’s all that matters. Anyway my message is: ALWAYS TELL IF YOU’RE BEING BULLIED AND ONLY ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS IF YOU KNOW EXCACTLY WHO IT IS!

Lots of Love ,

              Little Red Riding Hood  


    The Three Little Pigs

2016 3 Pigs Safer Internet Competition (26) - Copy

2016 Safer Internet Competition (27)

The Three Little Pigs, (the youngest called Paul, the next Poppy and the eldest named Fred), all lived in different houses and contacted each other on Instagram.

One day someone started following  all of them on Instagram. His username was ‘Wacky-Woo’ and his profile picture was a little pig. So they started having private conversations with him and he was very kind to them. One time he said ‘Wow, Poppy you look really pretty!’ Poppy was really happy and told her brothers how nice he was being. They said that he was really nice to them too. ‘Wacky-Woo’ kept saying nice things about the pigs until one day he asked Paul if he would like to meet up with him. Paul didn’t need asking twice; he said yes straight away and met ‘Wacky-Woo’ at the huge old willow tree at the top of Apple Hill. But when Paul got to the top of Apple Hill ‘Wacky-Woo’ was already there…. Paul never came back down that hill.

It was Poppy’s turn to go up Apple Hill next. She got the same message as Paul, but she took her time to reply. She remembered from when she was in school that she should never meet up with strangers online, but ‘Wacky-Woo’ was so nice, she thought. She just had to meet up with him! So she did. She met ‘Wacky-Woo’ on top of Apple Hill and she didn’t come back down either.

Now, Fred was getting worried about his brother and sister because he was supposed to be meeting up with them for lunch and they didn’t turn up. Then he got the message from ‘Wacky-Woo’. He thought about it very much and then suddenly he realised what had happened to his brother and sister. He replied to ‘Wacky-Woo’ saying ‘OK I’ll meet up with you at my house.’ So ‘Wacky-Woo’ came. Just as I expected thought Fred, because coming down the lane was not a little pig like his brother and sister thought he was… he was a WOLF!!! Fred quickly called the police and just as the wolf was about to gobble him up, the police came. They took the wolf to ‘Villain Jail’ and Fred saw no more of him.

Hello, I am Fred!  I missed my brother and sister so much! Oh wait, you don’t know what happened to them do you? Well the wolf had gobbled them up just as he tried to do to me! Anyway yesterday they cut the wolf open and… there they were! Paul and Poppy as alive as ever! The wolf must have swallowed them whole! On Instagram we no longer meet up with people that we only know online and we don’t have private conversations  either. My message to you is: NEVER MEET UP WITH PEOPLE YOU ONLY KNOW ONLINE! THEY COULD BE


Lots of Hope and Love,

                           The Three Little Pigs    XXX


2016-03-14 17.11.43

2016 Safer Internet Competition (4)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (5)

2016 poster Safer Internet Competition (7)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (14)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (1)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (19)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (17)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (16)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (14)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (12)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (4)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (2)

Safer Internet Day 2016 results


Well done to Muireann, Doireann and Molly, from Third Class, who composed a short song, asking everybody to “Play your part for a better internet”. They decided to pass on the message during “2016 Safer Internet Day” and they have been working on their song over the past few weeks, getting lots more boys and girls on board, with their catchy tune!!

Safer Internet Day 2016 

Useful Websites:

Here in Shanbally NS we have a selection of resources and books based on Internet Safety. These will be displayed in an allocated area near the entrance to the Halla in the main school building during February. Parents and pupils are invited to view these resources.

Theme of 2016  Safer Internet Day:       

Play your part for a better internet

To help promote internet safety in 2016, we’ve put together a list of five steps that parents can take to help protect their children online.

Here’s our advice:

  1. Introduce your own Internet Security in 2016

Security is the biggest concern for parents of children who have access to the internet. Not only do they require protection from adult content but also from malware and viruses that their children may accidentally encounter. Educating your children is paramount. You cannot expect them to know what is right or wrong in internet security without leadership from you first. Setting out detailed ground rules about what content they can and cannot engage with and share, should be made clear. Let them know they cannot share last names, date of births, home address, phone numbers or passwords.

Technological help is needed too as parents cannot monitor every aspect of their children’s online surfing. Check out your browser and computer software security settings, including firewalls, parental controls, privacy settings and site access. If you are unsure how to do this, get a tutorial or visit some of the many sites provided by initiative such as the Safer Internet Day above.

  1. Know what sites/apps your children are visiting and limit access

In 2014, new apps such as Snapchat became teenagers modus operandi which resulted in lots of high profile media attention about its negative uses, especially with cyber bullying. If your children are accessing or requesting app downloads make sure you educate yourself about the possible dangers of the apps (especially social media apps) and monitor their access. If they want to explore new sites make sure they know they have to ask you first.
  1. Internet predators

Without being alarmist, parents and kids should know that not everyone they encounter online is who they say they are. Remember how easy it is to create a false email address/facebook account? Predatory behaviour exists with some users lying about their age, gender or where they come from. Fake accounts are set up for fraudulent activity such as identity theft, or worse. If your child has been contacted by a suspicious or unknown person, make sure you contact them first to see if they are legit.
  1. Bullying

Cyber bullying has become a huge issue in recent years and in 2015 government and other bodies are stepping up in tackling this internet-age problem. There are lots of information resources for parents available to educate themselves on how to deal with this issue especially among teens and tweens. One of the most accepted ways to deal with this, is for parents to educate their children on what is acceptable behaviour on-line.

Children must know what constitutes bullying clearly and that they should not do it or receive it. Monitoring your kids behaviour on-line and letting them know they can openly discuss problems with you is important.

  1. Posting images on-line – content is forever!

Educating your children, especially older teens on the repercussions of posting images on-line is essential. What seemed funny or daring to a teen in 2015 might not be so hilarious when they are looking for a job or college application in 2020, and their social media is still available on-line for all to see.



Prizewinners Safer Internet Comp 2015 (2)

 Please go to     Shanbally NS You-Tube       to view a selection of the wonderful entries to the 2015 Internet Safety Competition and photos of the prizewinners.


2015 Prizewinners:   

Excellent use of Technology- Powerpoint Presentation with movie: 

                                                                            Riain O’Flynn –  3rd class         

Excellent use of Technology –  Powerpoint Presentation:   Conor van Pelt- 4th class

 Excellent use of Technology –  Powerpoint Presentation:  Ellen Kavanagh -5th class

Best 6th Class Story:   Conor O’Leary

Best 5th Class Posters:  (joint winners): Tianna O’Connell and Katie Hartnett

Best 5th Class Sketch:   Aisling O’Mahony

Best 5th Class Story: Ciara O’Flynn

Best 5th Class Word Cloud:  Tim Sheehan

Best 5th Class Poem:   Fionn Mehigan

Best 4th Class Posters: (joint winners)  Emma Nyhan / Liam Middleton

Best 3rd Class Poster:  Maebh O’Mahony 

Well done to all the girls in Third Class who can be seen in this video, singing “Think Before you Post!” This song was composed by one of the girls, Maebh O’Mahony, during Internet Safety Week in February.  The whole production was organised by the girls themselves, during their break-time. They worked together, to develop  the dance routine and to practice  singing the song.

This combined venture shows everybody that you are all happy to stay safe online and to spread the “Stay Safe Online” message throughout the school. Congratulations on a wonderful performance, girls! You showed great initiative when you all decided to perform this song together. Well done, Lauren,Morgan, Ayisha, Liamhain, Chloe, Chloe, Shauna, Beth, Rebecca, Sophie, Faye, Chloe and Maebh!

SID COMP 2015 (11)

SID COMP 2015 (7)

SID COMP 2015 (9)

SID COMP 2015 (8)

SID COMP 2015 (6)

SID COMP 2015 (5)SID COMP 2015 (7)SID Comp 2015 (3)

see more photos below….

Winners of SID 2015 (3)

SID COMP 2015 (12)


Winners of SID 2015 (1)



SID COMP 2015 (4)



Winners of SID 2015 (5)




Winners of SID 2015 (6)


Winners of SID 2015 (7)



Winners of SID 2015 (8) Winners of SID 2015 (9)



Winners of SID 2015 (12)Winners of SID 2015 (10)


Winners of SID 2015 (18)

Winners of SID 2015 (17)


SID Safety Comp 2015 (5)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (4)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (6)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (3)SID Safety Comp 2015 (7)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (8)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (9)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (10)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (11)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (12)

SID Safety Comp 2015 (13)

Top 10 Overall Award winners 2015 :

  • Conor O’Leary
  • Ciara O’Flynn
  • Tianna O’Connell
  • Riain O’Flynn
  • Maebh O’Mahony
  • Katie Hartnett
  • Emma Nyhan
  • Ellen Kavanagh
  • Conor van Pelt
  • Liam Middleton

Special Merit Awards:    5th Class

  • Tim Sheehan
  • Fionn Mehigan
  • Aisling O’Mahony


Merit Awards :    1st Class

Isobelle      Calum      Hayley     Reece

Sara        Kayla       Sarah       Maeve       Barry

Grace     Elizabeth      Niamh


Merit Awards:    2nd Class

Lily      Diarmuid      Shane

Kayley      Zach


 Merit Awards:   3rd Class

James O’Keeffe      Lauren Garrett      Sophie Geary    Chloe Foley     Chloe Flavin

Josh Bartlett     Ferdia Hayes      Aiden Brady     Daniel Hall         Chloe McGrath       Faye O’Reilly


Merit Awards :    5th Class

Dylan Caraher     Daniel O’Brien        Adam Maye


Congratulations to all the above pupils!

     2015 Internet Safety (3)

2015 Internet Safety (6)


2015 Internet Safety (4)


Safer Internet Day 2015 takes place on Tuesday 10th February.

Safer Internet Day is part of a global drive to promote a safer internet for all users, especially young people. The event has been celebrated in Ireland since 2004 and support continues to grow year on year.

We have a selection of resources and books in school and these are kept on the IT shelf in the Staff-Room.  These will be displayed in an allocated area near the entrance to the main school building, from next Friday, 6th February- February 27th  Parents are invited to view these resources. Please note that many of these resources can be downloaded from the following websites.

  • To mark Safer Internet Day 2015 we invite pupils from 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th Classes to create a poster, compose a poem or song, write a story or comic-strip, or create a short film or PowerPoint presentation, based on this year’s theme.


  • Pupils from 1st and 2nd Class are invited to enter a competition to tell others how we can keep safe online. Each pupil will receive an A4 poster about a boy called Steven who needs to stay safe online, while playing on his computer and consoles. Pupils are asked to bring home the posters and fill them in at home.


  • Details of the above competitions will be given to the relevant classes


  • Teachers are not expected to prepare the pupils for these competitions. It is hoped that pupils will be encouraged to do this work at home, so that parents could also be involved in the safety of their children, when using the Internet.

Let’s create a better internet together.

Entries may be handed in to Ms. Tuohy (1st -6th) or they may be sent by e-mail (3rd -6th )to:

As the Mid-Term break is less than a week after Internet Safety Day, entries will be accepted after the break, right up to February 27th.  All prizewinning entries will be displayed on our school website:  See last year’s winners for ideas!!  (School Events—Internet Safety)

The key campaign message is  that bullying affects us all; it won’t go away if we do nothing!       But it can go away  if we do something.


Internet Safety Evening:

In a bid to better arm us as parents and educators, we have organised a speaker from Trend Micro to attend the school on Tuesday 10th February at 7.30pm. This presentation  should last approximately one hour and will cover

  1. The Internet and social networking
  2. , Inappropriate content and malicious software,
  3. Illegal downloading, sexting and cyber-bullying
  4. Q&A’s to the speaker afterwards.

We are running this presentation on “Safer Internet Day”. We would urge as many parents as possible to attend this free event.


School April 2014 (35)

Theme of 2014 Safer Internet Day:

“Let’s create a better internet together”

2014 Internet Safety winners

Prizewinners: Overall Best Entries:
Excellent use of Technology – Movie: Sara Moxley (5th)
Excellent use of Technology- Powerpoint Presentation: Amy Carroll (6th)
Excellent use of Technology – Mindmap: Freya Moir (5th)
Best Overall Poster: Aisling O’Mahony (4th)
Most Imaginative posters Eoghan Hayes (5th) Ailís O’Leary (5th )
Runner-Up Best Posters: Ciara O’Flynn (4th) Conor O’Leary (5th )
Most Colourful poster: Cormac O’Brien (3rd)
Best 6th Class Poster: Maeve Mehigan
Best 3rd Class Poster: Stephen McGinty
Multilingual Poster: Tim Sheehan (4th )
Posters with excellent advice for online safety :
Fionn Mehigan (4th ) Tianna O’Connell (4th)
Well done, also, to the following who submitted very good entries to the competition.
Group Poster: Nicole, Julie, Clodagh, Kate (3rd Class) Abigail, Emma N. (3rd )
Individual entries: Cormac Ryan,Conor O’C., Conor L. (3rd ) Dylan Caraher, Adam Maye (4th )

Theme of  Safer Internet Day 2013 :    

 “Connect With Respect”


To mark this year’s Safer Internet Day in Shanbally NS, pupils were invited to submit entries to a competition, using the above theme to display how we should “connect with respect” when using computers, phones and whenever using the internet.

Here is the list of  Prizewinners: 

Overall Best Entry:                Amy Hemlock (3rd Class)

Best Story:                                             Aisling O’Mahony (3rd)

Most Colourful Poster:                       John Coleman (3rd)

Poetry Writing:                                    Tim Sheehan (3rd)

Runner-Up Best Poster:                     Tianna O’Connell (3rd)

Runner-Up Best Poster:                      Ciara O’Flynn (3rd)

Runner-Up Best Poster:                      Aoife McCarthy (4th)

Poetry Writing:                                     Kevin Cogan (5th)

Imaginative poster:                             Alex Sheehan (5th)

Positive Poster:                                    Maeve Mehigan (5th)

Poetry Writing:                                     Amy Carroll (5th)

Four Posters with excellent advice for online safety :

                          Leah Walsh  (6th)                      Liadh Murphy (6th)

                          Niamh Daly   (6th)                     Lauren Deasy  (6th)


 Congratulations and well done to all the pupils, above!!


Here is a selection of the prize-winning posters, stories and poems.








                                Internet, Internet it’s so fun

                          But not always suitable for everyone

                          So always be kind and always be nice

                     I’ll tell you once don’t make me tell you twice

                                      People can be cruel

                                    People can be mean

                  And put nasty stuff up on the computer screen

                                               So please

                                             Don’t forget

                                   To connect with respect

                                           By Liadh Murphy














Connect with Respect          by Aisling O’Mahony

One day a girl called Jenny was talking to her friend Sally about the internet, when Sally told Jenny she had been bullied online . Jenny had a mountain of questions to ask but she had to think about Sally in this situation so she decided to ask them calmly and slowly.
            After Jenny went home she turned on the internet to see what Sally was talking about .She didn’t see what Sally was talking about .She didn’t find anything unusual at all. Once dinner was over, Jenny talked to her mom about what Sally had said. “Connect with respect” her mother replied. Jenny thought long and hard about what her mother had said.
       The next day Jenny went online again. This time, there was something unusual there. She asked the bullies if they would stop at Sally but this only made matters worse. They started bullying Jenny too. The following day, Jenny went online once again and she told the bullies “NO! leave me and Sally ALONE!” . To Jenny’s surprise it worked. She was NOT expecting that. Jenny and Sally were never ever bullied again. From that day on, the girls vowed they would be the best online friends possible. Use the internet the right way and CONNECT WITH RESPECT! They never had internet problems again .
                          THE END






Safer Internet Day

Connecting on the internet, it’s so great.

Looking up facts and chatting with mates.

Watching funny videos, looking at cool pics

But unfortunately some people use it for mean tricks.


Hacking, mocking, exclusion and rumours

Can all be done through internet on computers.

Always tell others your feelings and don’t let

Mean people bully you on the internet.


Misery, loneliness that’s how those victims feel.

This bullying can happen, it’s all very real.

Here’s a word of advice, before you go

It’s better to be a friend then a foe!


By Leah Walsh 6th class