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Here are reviews of some educational websites, reviewed by pupils and teachers of Shanbally NS.

List of helpful links added to our Website

This is  a short list of some of the websites which have been popular with our pupils, both at home and at school, over the past number of years. Most of the websites can be used to revise what has been learnt in the classroom and also to improve standards already attained. 

We have also included a list of typing programmes which would be very suitable for all children, with the increased use of technology in schools and in everyday life. 

We also intend to include a list of suitable iPad apps, over the next number of weeks. We would be glad to add any recommendations you may have, to this page.

Please e-mail me at should you wish to suggest any other apps or websites you have found useful. All suggestions are very welcome!!

Maths is Fun !!!

This website offer mathematics in an enjoyable and easy-to-learn manner and is well worth a visit. It covers the maths curriculum from Infants to Sixth Class and beyond. It is easy to navigate the site as it is laid out in a very child-friendly manner. 

I really like the Fractions Index, as it is laid out in an easy-to-follow manner, with  very clear, visual instructions. This would be useful in any classroom, as a general introduction to fractions, or, indeed, as a useful page if parents needed to help their son or daughter, at home.

There are also links to Maths Worksheets, Puzzles, Games and a Maths Dictionary.  Games such as Connect 4 can be played online against the computer.

The dictionary is a useful link, which provides an explanation of any Mathematical language which you may find difficult to understand.  

In the Games page you can find games such as Chess, Checkers and “Four-in-a-row”, also known as Connect 4. What better way is there to improve your Maths skills. proving, also, that Maths can be fun!

If you REALLY like exercising your brain, figuring things ’round and ’round till you explode,
then the Maths and Logic Puzzles page is  the page for you !

Have fun!!

Calling all senior students!!! An invitation to contribute to our website !!!

  Maths Websites

Here is a list of some very useful maths websites which I recommend. Over the next few months I invite our pupils to investigate and use these websites. If you find the websites useful, please write a short review and submit your review by e-mail to Ms. Tuohy ( ). Your review will then be published on our school website ( ). Alternatively, please save your review on a USB stick and hand it in to me at school. For examples of this work, please click on the following link, to read the excellent reviews that  one of last year’s past-pupil, Conor O’Leary, wrote.

You are also invited to submit reviews of any other educational websites that have not been included.

List of useful Maths Websites:!/



Smart Learning for All- useful Maths and Science Channel on You-Tube

Smart Learning for All

I just came across this YouTube channel today when I was searching for a simple, straight-forward way to explain “Subtraction with Re-naming” to my 3rd Class tomorrow.

The channel is described as a  “One stop solution for learning. A free, fun and educational Youtube channel for people of all ages”.

I will certainly return to this You-Tube Channel again, and I think it will be very useful for both Maths and Science.

Kathleen T. review by Conor O’Leary (Or Maths Antics, if you will) is both an online website AND a YouTube account, that offers educational and sometimes humorous videos about almost all maths topics. The website also offers exercises and work sheets for schools, etc.

Math Antics is run by their primary company, which goes by the name of ‘Math Plus Motion LLC,’ which was founded in 2010. The company is run by two men, simply described as ‘Rob and Jeremy’ or so the website says.

The YouTube channel has become a hit for many teachers and students alike! With over 50,000 people subscribed to the YouTube channel (don’t worry, subscribing on YouTube is free!), it is an amazingly popular channel and an amazingly popular website for that matter.

Math Antics is an extremely helpful resource, for teachers and pupils/students, and I would rate this website/YouTube channel a 9/10!

Report written by

                                 Conor O’Leary, 6th class pupil in

                                                                          Shanbally N.S






Maths dictionary for kids is an online glossary for maths words. It uses an alphabetical word finder, so when you click the letters that start the word, it brings you to a list of all the different words. For example, if I clicked on the “Gg” letters, I would find all the maths words beginning with ‘G’.

‘A Maths Dictionary for Kids’ is a very helpful resource, and is not the only website programmed by Jenny Eather. Too bad her other website requires a 12 month subscription! I would rate a 7/10!

 Report Written by

                          Conor O’Leary 6th Class Pupil in

                                                                  Shanbally NS

header_coolmath4kids-newNAV-main-1 is a site that offers fun, educational games for children of all ages – and they’re all free too! Coolmath4kids is a child-friendly maths website, and has amazing games.

The home page of the website has a very attractive and unique design. The colour of the background goes perfectly with the neon colours of the different links. The website is very easy to navigate, for both adults and children alike. It boasts a great slogan just under the logo saying: ‘Cool math 4 kids is an amusement park of math, games and more – especially designed for fun, fun, FUN!’.

My personal favourite game on this website is ‘The Number Monster’. I find this game to be very educational while being fun, too. For example, you could see how fast you can finish 10 or 20 maths questions, or you could see how much questions you can answer in a minute. Some games have to be played on an alternate website, under the name ‘’. This, however, is not dangerous, as it only opens another tab in your browser. is a hit website for educational games and is an alternative to the more well-known and popular maths websites such as ‘Arcademic Skill Builders’. I would definitely recommend this website to both parents and pupils, and also teachers, for both primary and secondary schools. I would rate this website 8/10, because of it’s design, and it’s easy-to-play games.

Report written by

                              Conor O’Leary, 6th Class pupil in

                                                                   Shanbally N.S.