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HPS Flag Raising Ceremony

We were recently  informed that the Health Promotion School (HPS) Flag would be presented to our school for our long term commitment and efforts to address the health and well-being of our whole school community. 

Our school has registered annually over the last four years and have submitted HPS Journals, all highlighting our HPS journey and process.

Thus, having been formally recognised once before, the HSE felt that we are now entitled to have the new National Healthy Ireland-HSE Health Promoting School Flag flying proudly above our school !  This is a wonderful achievement for our school community.  This ceremony took place on September 30th 2016,  and it was, indeed, a wonderful day of celebration!!


The Health Promotion Team was led by 2nd Class teacher,  Margaret Ryan, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the school fulfilled all the criteria to become a Health Promoting School. Great credit must go to Margaret for her continued enthusiasm over the past number of years. The HPS Committee was previously led with enthusiasm, by Senior Infant teacher, Naomi O’Donovan, when we first became a Health Promoting school, some years ago.

Three of our former staff members, Helen Fox and AnneMarie Barry and Sineád Ní Loingsigh played a big part in helping to achieve that status and  current members in clude  staff Patricia Kelly, Mary Sheahan, Regina Landy, Naig Boland and Kathleen Tuohy. The Parents’ Association have also played a big part in helping to achieve the HPS Flag and their help was acknowledged by Mr. Nolan today. Special thanks was given to parent, Marianne Cotter for all her help with the garden, over the past few months. 

Our three special guests on the day were Paralympic hero, Niamh McCarthy, Ms. Eileen Hara from the HPS, and local T.D. and Finance Spokesperson, Mr. Michael McGrath T.D.   Junior and Senior Infants and the Language Class  formed a guard of honour at the front door of the school and all three guests were then led into the Halla, where they were formally welcomed by Principal, David Nolan.

Pupils from 3rd -6th Classes then outlined the work that had been done, by means of Powerpoint presentations. They explained how healthy eating can improve our lifestyle. They spoke about the fact that we took part in Operation Transformation on TV and also told the audience about the Gardening Initiative which took place over the past year at school. 

Eileen Hara was the first guest to speak and it was clear that she was very impressed by all the work that had taken place, in order to become a Health Promotng School. Michael McGrath, who was delighted to greet his niece,  a pupil in our school,  was next to speak and he also praised the pupils and staff for the great work which was evident all around the school. Pride of place went to our third guest, Ms. Niamh McCarthy, from Carrigaline, who was a Silver medalist at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and European record holder in F41 Women’s Discus.

Niamh, who was interviewed by Mr. Nolan,  shared some moments of the past few weeks with us and she had some excellent  advice for the pupils. She also spoke about the fact that her father, Florence McCarthy, was a past-pupil of Shanbally school.  It was wonderful to have such an inspirational sports-person visit our school and we are greatly indebted to her for accepting our invitation. We also thank Lorraine Goggin who was the official press photographen who ensured that the occasion ran smoothly, invited everybody to then go out to the front of the school and the flag was raised by Niamh McCarthy, accompanied by the oldest pupil in the school, Colin and the youngest pupil, Gearoid. Ms. O’Connell then led all the pupils as they sang the school song, “Nach Deas a Bheith Óg!”

Our new flag is now flying high, in the school grounds and this continue to remind us to make wise choices about food and nutrition  in the future. 

hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-32 img_1108hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-28 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-29-copy hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-30 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-32 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-33 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-35 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-36 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-37 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-43 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-44 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-47 hps-flag-raising-30th-sept2016-50





Harvesting Onions and Rhubarb

The children had a wonderful time harvesting the onions and rhubarb from the school garden recently.  The photos below capture some of the excitement.

harvest 16 433 harvest 16 424 - Copy - Copy - Copy harvest 16 421 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy harvest 16 420 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy harvest 16 441


Visit of Coast Guard Helicopter

The children enjoyed a visit from the  Coast Guard Helicopter on May 25th last. Members of the crew gave a very interesting talk to the children about the work they do and on the importance of being safe. Thanks to Catherine and Kieran Sisk for putting us in touch with Greg Causer (crew member) and for helping to organise the visit. Thanks to Shamrocks GAA club for the use of the grounds.

This visit was a unique opportunity for the pupils and staff, to view the coastguard helicopter at close proximity. Both pupils and adults  listened to the crew describe their routine and demonstrate how various pieces of equipment are used. We appreciate the excellent work carried out by all who work with the Irish Coast Guard, both paid workers and volunteers. Many of the pupils expressed an interest in working as a volunteer with the Coast Guard, in the future. Let’s hope that this visit will have sparked an interest in this invaluable service among our pupils.

Here are some links which may be relevant to the visit:

  • Irish Coast Guard


Here are some photos of the helicopter visit:

Coast Guard Helicopter (2)

Coast Guard Helicopter (15)


Coast Guard Helicopter (8)


Coast Guard Helicopter (24)

Coast Guard Helicopter (23)


Coast Guard Helicopter (19)


Coast Guard Helicopter (6)



Coast Guard Helicopter (12)


Coast Guard Helicopter (9)

Coast Guard Helicopter (8)

Coast Guard Helicopter (7)

Coast Guard Helicopter (5)

Coast Guard Helicopter (3)

Coast Guard Helicopter (2)

Coast Guard Helicopter (1)

Coast Guard Helicopter (2)

Coast Guard Helicopter (1)

coast guard visit (122)

coast guard visit (131)

coast guard visit (69)

coast guard visit (66)

coast guard visit (58) coast guard visit (53) coast guard visit (48)

coast guard visit (47)

coast guard visit (45)

coast guard visit (42)

coast guard logo emergency coast guard visit (40)

coast guard visit (39)

coast guard visit (41) coast guard visit (35)

coast guard visit (24)

coast guard visit (20)

coast guard visit (17)

coast guard visit (21)

coast guard visit (18)

coast guard visit (12)


coast guard visit (10)

Irish Coast Guard


Shanbally NS Pitch and Putt Champions!!


Well done to Mark , Declan, Philip and Tim, all 6th Class pupils, who were recent winners of the  2016 Primary Schools Pitch and Putt Competition. The boys frequently bring their Pitch and Putt Clubs to school and head off down to Raffeen Creek for a round or two, straight after school, a tradition that has been part of the Senior pupils of Shanbally NS for many,  many years.

Well done, boys!!



No-Uniform Day for 96FM’s Giving for Living Radiothon.

Giving For Living’ Radiothon:

On  Friday, May 27th,  we held a non-uniform day in aid of the ‘Giving For Living’.

All the pupils were delighted to get the opportunity to choose what they wished to wear to school for the day, in return for a small donation to the wonderful charity, Giving for Living, organised by Cork’s own 96FM,   while several of  our staff came to school dressed as students on the day!

More than €800 was raised in school – well done to everybody, especially Regina, who co-ordinated this very successful  event.

Internet Safety Competition: 2016 Prizewinners

Safer Internet Day 2016 results

2016 Prizewinners:

Theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day:       

Play your part for a better internet

We thank  Community Garda, Damien Creaven, who presented the annual “Safer Internet Day” awards to thirteen talented pupils on Thursday, April 21st, in Shanbally NS. Each pupil received a Certificate and Garda Damien was happy to pose for photos with the pupils. He also took the opportunity to remind all those present of how  important it is to stay safe online, at all times. Garda Damien has visited the school on numerous occasions,  to  deliver Internet Safety Programmes  to the senior classes and he has also spoken to parent groups, in previous years.

We are also grateful to our Parents’ Association, who  sponsored thirteen  Book Tokens ( valued at €5.00 each) for each prize-winner. These can be used at the school book fair, which is currently visiting our school.

Pictured, below is the group of prize-winners, with Garda Damien, Acting Principal, Ms. Claire O’Connell and I.T. Co-Ordinator, Ms. Kathleen Tuohy.

The photos can also be viewed in Shanbally NS YouTube page.

Congratulations to all!!


Overall Best Entry:   

“Scary Fairy Tales” by   Maebh O’Mahony (4th



Best Poster:     “You are the Key” by      Adam Maye (6th)       

Most Colourful Poster: Josh Bartlett 

Most Imaginative poster:    Lillimarie Scannell     (3rd)                                      

Poster with excellent advice for online safety :      Doireann O’Flynn (3rd)



Best Poem: “Lily’s Internet Safety Poem” by      Lily Calnan (3rd)

Runner-Up: Poetry:       Sophie Geary   (3rd)



Most Creative Drawing :      Aisling O’Mahony  (6th)

Joint Runner-Up: Creative awards:   James O’Keeffe (4th)  and   Shane O’Mahony(3rd )



Excellent use of Technology –  Powerpoint :

              “How to Stay Safe Online” by    Emma Nyhan  (5th)

Joint Runner-Up Excellent use of Technology: Daniel Hall (4thand  Grace Orchard (3rd)


Scary-Fairytales by Maebh O’Mahony 

  (Click to open)

Wolf  Scary Fairytales

2016 Safer Internet Competition (20)

                                             Little Red Riding Hood


Red Riding Hood


2016 SI Comp Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood had always been told in school that if she ever was being bullied online that she would tell an adult that you trust.

One day Little Red Riding hood was on snapchat on her phone when she got a friend request from a little boy. His username was ‘Wolfie645’. She accepted his friend request and sent him a picture of herself, saying ‘Hey, wat u up2?’ He didn’t reply for a while but when he did he sent ‘I hate your hood, it’s disgusting!’ with a picture of a tree. Little Red Riding Hood was really hurt by this and didn’t know what to do. It didn’t even cross her mind to tell her granny. That night she was really worried and had nightmares about it.

The next morning she woke up and found another message from ‘Wolfie645’. It said ‘I heard that you bring a basket full of food to your granny every week, how lame is that!’ Little Red Riding Hood was getting so upset now she thought she was going to cry. But still she didn’t tell her parents. She thought it would get better but it only got worse. The morning after that she woke up and found a whole group of horrible messages about her from ‘Wolfie645’. That night she felt so bad she thought that she was going to get sick. This kept going on for about a week until Little Red Riding Hood decided she had to do something about it.

On Friday she walked to her Granny’s cottage with her basket of food like she did every week. Usually she skipped all the way but today she trudged down the lane. To her it felt like an age until finally she got to her Granny’s cottage. She ran up the path and into her Granny’s arms. Little Red Riding Hood started bawling crying and just couldn’t stop. Her Granny asked her what was wrong and Little Red Riding Hood blurted the whole thing out. She knew that she could trust her Granny so she told her everything. When Little Red Riding Hood had finished talking, her Granny told her that everything would be alright.


Hi, I’m Little Red Riding Hood and I’m really, really glad that I told my Granny about my bully. It turned out that ‘Wolfie645’ was actually a Big Bad Wolf! Can you believe that?! He had been bullying lots of little kids like me but now he is in ‘Villain Jail’ and he’s never coming out- ever! Isn’t that great! I don’t know what my Granny did but whatever she did do The Big Bad Wolf  doesn’t bully me anymore and that’s all that matters. Anyway my message is: ALWAYS TELL IF YOU’RE BEING BULLIED AND ONLY ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS IF YOU KNOW EXCACTLY WHO IT IS!

Lots of Love ,

              Little Red Riding Hood  


2016 Safer Internet Competition (2)




    The Three Little Pigs

2016 3 Pigs Safer Internet Competition (26) - Copy

2016 Safer Internet Competition (27)


The Three Little Pigs, (the youngest called Paul, the next Poppy and the eldest named Fred), all lived in different houses and contacted each other on Instagram.

One day someone started following  all of them on Instagram. His username was ‘Wacky-Woo’ and his profile picture was a little pig. So they started having private conversations with him and he was very kind to them. One time he said ‘Wow, Poppy you look really pretty!’ Poppy was really happy and told her brothers how nice he was being. They said that he was really nice to them too. ‘Wacky-Woo’ kept saying nice things about the pigs until one day he asked Paul if he would like to meet up with him. Paul didn’t need asking twice; he said yes straight away and met ‘Wacky-Woo’ at the huge old willow tree at the top of Apple Hill. But when Paul got to the top of Apple Hill ‘Wacky-Woo’ was already there…. Paul never came back down that hill.

It was Poppy’s turn to go up Apple Hill next. She got the same message as Paul, but she took her time to reply. She remembered from when she was in school that she should never meet up with strangers online, but ‘Wacky-Woo’ was so nice, she thought. She just had to meet up with him! So she did. She met ‘Wacky-Woo’ on top of Apple Hill and she didn’t come back down either.

Now, Fred was getting worried about his brother and sister because he was supposed to be meeting up with them for lunch and they didn’t turn up. Then he got the message from ‘Wacky-Woo’. He thought about it very much and then suddenly he realised what had happened to his brother and sister. He replied to ‘Wacky-Woo’ saying ‘OK I’ll meet up with you at my house.’ So ‘Wacky-Woo’ came. Just as I expected thought Fred, because coming down the lane was not a little pig like his brother and sister thought he was… he was a WOLF!!! Fred quickly called the police and just as the wolf was about to gobble him up, the police came. They took the wolf to ‘Villain Jail’ and Fred saw no more of him.

Hello, I am Fred!  I missed my brother and sister so much! Oh wait, you don’t know what happened to them do you? Well the wolf had gobbled them up just as he tried to do to me! Anyway yesterday they cut the wolf open and… there they were! Paul and Poppy as alive as ever! The wolf must have swallowed them whole! On Instagram we no longer meet up with people that we only know online and we don’t have private conversations  either. My message to you is: NEVER MEET UP WITH PEOPLE YOU ONLY KNOW ONLINE! THEY COULD BE


Lots of Hope and Love,

                           The Three Little Pigs    XXX



2016 Safer Internet Competition (5)

2016-03-14 17.11.43

2016 Safer Internet Competition (4)2016 Safer Internet Competition (9)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (13)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (11)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (8)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (14)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (17)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (19)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (16)

2016 Safer Internet Competition (4)

Listen to Third Class singing “Play your Part for a Better Internet” on Shanbally NS You-Tube Channel

Safer Internet Day 2016 

Useful Websites:

Here in Shanbally NS we have a selection of resources and books based on Internet Safety.



Well done to Muireann, Doireann and Molly, from Third Class, who composed a short song, asking everybody to “Play your part for a better internet”. They decided to pass on the message during “2016 Safer Internet Day” and they have been working on their song over the past few weeks, getting lots more boys and girls on board, with their catchy tune!!

Seo iad na Gaelgeoirí na Seachtaine!!!

Maith sibh!!!!

image (1)

Seachtain na Gaeilge Winners


Ceoilchoirm 2016

IMG_0017 IMG_0037 IMG_0040 IMG_0047 IMG_0050 IMG_0053 IMG_0063 IMG_0070  IMG_0077 IMG_0080 IMG_0085 IMG_0088 IMG_0091 IMG_0093 IMG_0101 IMG_0103 IMG_0119 IMG_0131 IMG_0146 IMG_0155 IMG_0157 IMG_0162

6th Class STEAM Engineering in a Box

Week 1

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