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Robotics in 6th class

Sixth Class have been very busy since September working on the VEX IQ Challenge which provides primary school students with exciting, open-ended robotics and research project challenges that enhance their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills through hands-on, student-centered learning.

Sixth Class really enjoyed building their robot, learning how to drive her and figuring out how to code her to work autonomously.

Last Thursday we then took part in the VEX IQ Challenge in CIT.

The object of the game is to attain the highest score by scoring Hexballs in their colored scoring zone and by parking and balancing robots on the bridge.

This day consisted of:

  1. The Robot Skills Challenge- We drove our robot three times to score as many points as possible.
  2. A Teamwork Challenge-An alliance of two robots work together in each match. We had seven matches with robots for other schools.
  3. Programming Skills Matches- We had three goes at getting our Robot to play the game autonomously.

We had great fun working with our robot and learned a lot.


If you would like to see our project on robotics which we submitted for this competition please click the link below.

6th Class

Sixth Class have been very busy so far this year. Here are a few pictures of different things they’ve been up to.

Our Robot Susan

So far we’ve built our robot, learnt how to drive her with a remote and learnt how to code her so she does what we want her to do by herself. We also did a project on robotics and made it into a movie.

We had great fun at the Open Day in the Community School.

We went to the library in Carrigaline to meet  Gerard Whelan author of The Guns of Easter and many other children’s novels.

We were very busy for Science Week doing loads of different experiments for the entire school.

We made our own costumes for Halloween. Ms Moran was very impressed by the amount of effort put in by the boys and girls in Sixth Class.

6th Class STEAM Engineering in a Box

Week 1

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“MATHWORKS” workshop with Lifetime Lab!

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The Hour of Code

Mark Zukerberg Founder of Facebook


Science Week


Science Week!!


Science week was a huge success and all the classes really enjoyed it. We started preparing for it the week before. This was when we picked what experiments we were going to do. The science fair was rapidly approaching. The next day we told Ms. Moran our ideas and she seemed really impressed. The following day whoever brought in the things they needed got to do it in front of the whole class. Thursday everyone had everything they needed so we went through the whole thing during class.  Finally the big day had arrived and the minute the bell rang at 8:50, we started to get everything set up. We boiled kettles under adult supervision, got food colouring and started getting our experiments ready. Everyone was really excited.

The first group of classes started arriving at 9:30. Our opening act was called the four chair challenge. This demonstrated balance and spreading the weight. This experiment was followed by, does hot water and cold water mix if the hot waters on top, how to blow up a balloon with lemon juice/vinegar, how much pressure does it take to pop a balloon, can I lift this bottle of coke filled with rice with a skewer and plastic milk. This was only some of the amazing experiments done. 6th class really enjoyed organising the science fair and hope that all classes enjoyed it.

A few more pictures from Science Week! Well done to all of the 6th class children. It was great to see all their hard work pay off!

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Sixth Class Science Show in Shanbally NS

Well done to all the Sixth Class pupils and to their teacher, Ms. Moran, on an absolutely brilliant Science Show last Friday 13th November. For the past few years the Science Show has become a highlight of the week during Science Week, in our school. This year the pupils excelled once again. They researched their work carefully, tried out their experiment at home and then demonstrated their work, not only to all the pupils at school, but to the parents who visited the school on our recent open night. They showed great confidence during the whole science show and it was clear that each pupil had researched their chosen subject very well and had a very clear understanding of their experiment.

Well done to all the Sixth Class pupils and to their teacher, Ms. Moran !!

We would welcome any pupil’s  account of the show and we would be happy to publish them on this page also.



6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (14)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (16)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (15)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (13)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (12)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (11)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (8)6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (7)

6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (2) 6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (5) 6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (13) 6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (12) 6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (11) 6th Class Science Show Nov 13th 15 (8)


Parents’ Association Coffee Morning

We hope that there will be a huge turnout for the school Coffee Morning, which takes place in Monkstown Golf Club on tomorrow, October 8th, between 9:00- 11:30 a.m. This is a lovely way to meet parents of the children who are “sharing the path of education” with your child.

All are welcome!!

Our visit to DePuy Synthes to meet Donal Óg Cusack

A few weeks ago a group of pupils from Shanbally NS were delighted to be invited to visit to DePuy Synthes, so that they could present a Powerpoint   presentation about Wind Turbines to Donal Óg Cusack. It all started during Science week last November.  Riain and Daniel made a Wind Turbine, using a kit which was donated to the school by DePuy. They wanted to learn about Wind Turbines  as three wind turbines were installed near our school, in DePuy Synthes, GSK and Janssen Biologics in 2014.


When the model of the  wind turbine was finished the boys then learned how to make a Powerpoint presentation using all the information that they had gathered. They typed out their work and took lots of photos of the model turbine. Lots of pupils had questions about the Wind Turbine, so the boys were then invited to present the Powerpoint to several classes. When Donal Óg Cusack heard this he invited the boys to present their work to him, in DePuy Synthes.

On the 4th June Riain, Daniel, Mark, Jack, Will and James set off to visit DePuy, accompanied by Ms. Tuohy and  Regina. Donal Óg met the group at the entrance to the factory and distributed their visitor’s passes to everybody. They had a brief tour of the factory, before entering the Board Room, where refreshments and lots of chocolate bars were laid out for the guests from Shanbally NS. Donal Óg gave a short presentation, explaining what is made in DePuy Synthes, as the boys tucked in to the feast.

Then it was Riain and Daniel’s turn to present their work. They had brought a memory stick with their work and it was presented to Donal Óg, using the projector and Donal Óg’s laptop. They also brought in the model. Donal Óg praised the boys for their work and he was so impressed by it that he asked if he could keep a copy of the Powerpoint. The boys were delighted to share their work with him.

Next came some photographs, followed by requests to get Donal Óg’s  autograph and he was happy to sign a photo for everyone. Then Donal Óg surprised everybody when he offered to bring the group to see the Wind Turbine up-close. The boys were thrilled and walked happily up the hill, overlooking Cork Harbour, where they got to take lots more photos with Donal Óg,  They chatted about how the wind turbine was constructed and also they got a very close-up view of the turbine. The trip to DePuy couldn’t get any better!

All too soon it was time to return to school. The boys raced back to their classes, eager to share the story of their wonderful meeting with Donal Óg Cusack with all their classmates. It had been a day that they would never forget!


























— report of our previous visit to DePuy Synthes March 21st 2014


6th Class Visit To Lifetime Lab!

A Day To Remember

Lifetime Lab

It all started on Friday the 3rd of October 2014 when 6th class took an amazing trip to the Lifetime Lab.

The bus came for us around 9:15, the journey took about 45 minutes. When we got out of the bus it was pouring rain so we had to rush up the slippery stairs until we reached the Lab. There we met our instructor Úna. She led us to the lab and there she showed us where to put our coats and bags.

Firstly we sat down in our groups of three. Úna then introduced us to her assistant Laura. Next she showed us how to make a simple circuit. Then she gave us our equipment and we set to work on our own circuits. We made a motor circuit, buzzer circuit and a light bulb circuit.

Next we made a vibrating brush bot called ‘Scuabí’ using a motor circuit. Scuabí whizzed around the floor when he was completed. After that we had lunch and went outside to the playground to run around and get some fresh air.

Then we went back inside and wired a mini house with 2 light bulbs and 1 light switch using 1 circuit. Next we investigated if humans were conductors or insulators. We stood in a circle and held hands using our hands as conductors to light the buzzer. Next people put their hands in water to see if water was a conductor. It was! The buzzer lit up with our hands in the water.

Finally we made our own motorised cars. We wired a motor for our cars and then took them for a test drive. It was raining outside so we just raced them against each other in the room we were working in. I couldn’t believe how much I had learned in just a few hours. We did a quiz using voters and Úna praised us on how good we were. It was a fantastic day out and I’d recommend Lifetime Lab to anyone.