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Read about historic days in our school, days when we remember the history of the school and the history of our country.

The Presentation of the Irish Flag and Proclamation

In late November in Shanbally N.S. all the pupils were very excited. This was because today was the day that the school would be getting a copy of the Declaration from the Easter Rising and a Irish flag. Before their break, the pupils brought their chairs down to the Halla. Then, after break they went into the Halla and all sat down.

Three people came from the Irish Defence Forces. Two were from the Navy and one was from the Army. We all applauded them and we started singing the National Anthem. When we finished singing, they started talking to us.

They told us interesting facts. Then we asked questions such as: What do the colours of the Irish flag stand for? Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Next they presented us with the Irish flag and a copy of the Declaration. They told us to put up the flag on the 15th of March from dawn to dusk.

Then we said goodbye and they left.



Well done, Diarmuid, for writing the above report. Thank you for contributing your report to the website. Perhaps this will encourage all our budding young writers and journalists to keep contributing  stories, poems, reports…..indeed, any items which you, the pupils, would like to share with the wider world!! Please talk to Ms. Tuohy or Mr. Clifford if you would like to do so, as we would be more than happy to facilitate all our pupils in this area. 


Please go to Shanbally NS YoutTube page to view the video and photos of “Proclamation Day”, March 15th.


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Our Connections with World War 1, by 5th and 6th Class pupils

Over the past few weeks Fifth Class pupils and some Sixth Class pupils with a special interest in history, have been learning about World War 1 and, in particular, the connections between some of their  ancestors  and  World War 1. They have also researched about people from the Lower Harbour area, around Shanbally and Ringaskiddy, who were involved in the Great War and they also learned about some of the activities that took place in the lower harbour, around Haulbowline, and off the coast of Cobh and Ringaskiddy between 1914-1918. The topic was chosen because this is the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of WW1 and the fact that there is a wealth of information available about the Shanbally/ Ringaskiddy/ Lower Harbour area has really  helped spark a great interest among the boys and girls.

Parents and, indeed, grandparents, have been very generous with their time and expertise, whether they are busy helping to make accurate models of the trenches or  being interviewed by the pupils, with regard to a variety of different family stories and connections with the war. One grandad who has passed on his great interest in history to his grandson, Dylan, recently brought in his collection of guns (de-commissioned!!) and bayonets and the Sixth Class pupils were thrilled with his interesting presentation. Sam, in Fifth Class,  had a valuable medal which was presented to his granduncle, after the war. His grandmother had also helped him draw his Family Tree. Eoghan found out that his Granduncle fought with a Canadian Regiment in WW1.

One of Mr. Nolan’s favourite subjects is history. His passion for the subject was evident during the wonderful presentation he gave to the Fifth Class pupils, describing,  in detail,  his visit to the war sites of the Somme and some of the many military graveyards and monuments he visited during his historical visit to the areas in Northern France and Belgium, some years ago. His photo-presentation was enjoyed by all.

Ms. Tuohy first became interested in WW1 almost twenty years ago, when she and her family visited the grave of her husband’s grandfather, John Curtin, in Strand Militaire Cemetry, almost 25 km from Ypres, Belgium. She spoke of how difficult it was for her husband to find out where his grandfather was buried, in 1994,  and how easy it is to find information nowadays, thanks to the internet and websites such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission  Ms. Tuohy showed the pupils some of the interesting artefacts which were passed on to the present generation  from those days in 1914-1918 and also her collection of photos taken in 1994 and more recently when she made a return visit with her daughter.

The highlight of the project was, no doubt, the visit of local historian, Shanbally past-pupil, grandad of James in 2nd Class  and  former Shamrocks GAA Chairman, Mr. Sean O Tuama. His local knowledge,  together with his passion for the subject, was appreciated by all four groups who listened to his stories.  The pupils learned about many local people and the impact that WW1 had on their lives. Such was his knowledge on the subject that Mr. O Tuama was able to recall stories about several of the children’s ancestors, upon hearing their family names!!   The boys and girls were enthralled by his stories of former residents of the area who had been involved in the war, men such as the great oarsman, Jerh Flynn from Ringaskiddy who was a stoker on the HMS Marlsborough which was engaged in the Battle of Jutland, Percy Turner,whose descendant was a former Shanbally school caretaker, the Munster Fusillers who used to train down in the area where Pfizers of Shanbally now stands, the American Battleships which were based in Cork Harbour…..the stories flowed freely from Sean O Tuama and the children waited on his every word…….


Ms. O Mahony has decided to enter the project in the Discover Cork  School’s Heritage Project.     The pupils have enjoyed their history classes about WW1 and no doubt, they will continue their research as we remember all those who fought and died in World War 1 between 1914-1918.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

From Laurence Binyon’s poem For the Fallen, written in September 1914


Obama’s Historic Visit.

Barack Obama landed in Dublin airport on Monday 23rd of May 2011 at 9; 30 am.   When he reached the airport , Enda kenny ,the  Taoiseach was there to greet him.   He and his wife Michelle drove  to Aras an Uachtarán to meet  president Mary Mac Aleese.

Security surrounded Mr Obama everywhere he went. He planted an oak tree in Mary Mac Aleese’s garden, just like queen Elizabeth the week before.

Barack Obama flew in a helicopter to Moneygall to meet his ancestors who lived there for many, many years. He then popped into Hayes’ pub and bought his first Irish pint of Guinness which he really enjoyed.

Mr Obama made an outstanding speech in College Green. He finished with the famous words “Is feidir linn” (Yes we can) . Westlife, Jedward  and lots more bands played, sang and  danced for  Mr Obama, before he unfortunately had to leave because of the volcanic ash cloud.

It was a memorable day for both Ireland and the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Liadh Hanley, (3rd class).