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Newsletter 3 2019-20

Newsletter 3     October 16th 2019

Dear parents, just a few items for your information/ attention,

  • REMINDER of  School Closure:  Monday November 4th 2019

As per previous newsletter children will not attend school on this day as all teachers are attending a full day seminar (from 9.15 am to 3.15 pm) in relation to the new Primary Language Curriculum.

Please note that this is the Monday immediately following our midterm break for which we close at normal times on Friday October 25th and re-open on Tuesday November 5th..

  • Parents Association Reminders
    • The deadline for returning Christmas Card Designs is Monday 21st October.
    • PA Cake Sale on Thursday 24th October.  For the benefit of new families, we kindly ask that all families do their best to supply home-baked or shop bought goods. These can be brought to the Halla in or around the school start time on Thursday morning. Obviously these baked goods should not contain nuts in accordance with our school policy. It would be very helpful if children were given labelled, lidded plastic containers for their purchases. Anyone supplying home baked goods in plastic containers or on plates, please label them if you would like them returned to you. Classes are brought over in a coordinated manner. Cakes are from 50cent each and most children buy 2 or 3 cakes or items.
    •  A reminder of Hallowe’en Dress up on Friday October 25th. This is in keeping with school tradition and all children can dress up in Hallowe’en costumes. There is no obligation to do so as we know some children don’t like dressing up. In this case children can wear their own clothes. I’d ask that scary masks not be worn as they can frighten some of the younger children. We look forward to seeing what children (and staff) come in as!
    • PA will liaise with Junior Infant Parents to set up a class WhatsApp group. This will be useful to ensure that all parents are kept up to date on class activities.
  • Acknowledgements and thanks
    • We would like to thank our PA for sponsoring Wildlife Educator Niamh O’Flynn of Cork Heritage who visits the school tomorrow and Friday with nature related workshops which will help the children learn to identify native wildlife in local habitats for Juniors Infants to 4th class including the SSLD class.
    • We are delighted to welcome back the National Reptile Village to the school again on November 28th sponsored by the PA (as always with monies fundraised by our parent body through various events). All classes will be treated to this exhibition and interaction with exotic reptiles.
    • We would like to thank our very hard working PA for the work they do, seen and behind the scenes!
  • Chris Slavin/ Project Possible

You will recall that Chris visited our school last Wednesday see clip below at approx. 8 minutes 20 seconds ( ) We were thrilled to be able to present Chris with a cheque for €567 on the day(raised from parents and staff) when she passed us on her Round-Ireland Hand-cycle. We have collected a little more money since then which we will be sending on to her. If anyone missed out on the previous collection, it’s still not too late. Thanks all.

  • Upcoming Dates for Parent Teacher Meetings.

A reminder that parent/ teacher meetings will be held mainly on Wednesday and Thursday (20th and 21st November).  We are hoping to schedule these meetings through Aladdin with parents choosing from available time slots. Parents of more than 1 child will be offered slots first to enable them to schedule them more efficiently. There will be only a certain window before slots are released to all so I would urge you to book your times as soon as possible.

School will finish early on those days, at 12.30 for (Jrs/Seniors+Siblings)

+ 12.45 for the rest of the school.

  • Upcoming Information Meeting for Prospective NEW families to the school enrolled for September 2020.

Instead of an Open Night this year, families new to the school (i.e.) with no children already enrolled are invited to a meeting on Wednesday November 6th at 7 pm. On the night I will speak briefly about the school and routines. I will also answer any queries or questions they may have. Also on the night Kids Inc. will talk about their privately run childcare options in Shanbally NS. Please note that even though families are invited it doesn’t necessarily guarantee them a place for September 2020, it’s for information only.


  1. Children line up in their appropriate class lines in the morning. Official supervision begins at 8.35am.
  1. All children should be off the school premises by 1.35 p.m. (Juniors + Seniors) or 2.35 p.m. (rest of school)
  2. Please note that children are not allowed anywhere on the grounds after school finish times. We respectfully request that all children stay off the grass areas and do not climb railings.
  3. At the 2.30 p.m. finish time children awaiting collection should remain on school grounds outside main door.


  1. please observe any no parking signs, cones and the yellow box
  2. please don’t obstruct the footpath & entrance to the carpark as children are then forced to walk onto the road to get around the cars blocking the walkway.
  3. please be mindful of reversing cars as children who run ahead of parents are unaware of the danger.
  4. we try to operate the carpark in a one entrance, one exit manner i.e. entering closest to the school and exiting nearest to the shop. This helps make the carpark safer and operate better for all.
  5. Drivers should not abandon vehicles while collecting or dropping children as the flow of cars in the carpark is impeded. Park in an allocated car space or wait until one becomes available. As ever there may be options to park a little further away from the school and walk back.

Please pass this information on to childminders, grandparents, au pairs and anyone else who might be collecting and dropping off children.

GAA Update

Well done to our boys and girls over the last few weeks who represented the school so well in the Sciath na Scol competitions. While we haven’t made the Finals this year, we are still very proud of their efforts and hope they enjoyed the experience. A sincere thank you to all staff and parents for your support in these campaigns. Special thanks to those who drove yesterday or will drive tomorrow to the South East competitions in Kinsale.

David Nolan