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Newsletter 1 2019-20

Newsletter 1 2019-2020 School Year

September 5th 2019

A warm welcome back to everyone. We’d like to especially welcome our 28 new Junior Infants, our 4 new children in the Language Class- Luke, Darragh, Joey and Archie, Diego and Max who join Senior Infants, Jordan, Harry and Rian who join First class, Ruby who joins us in Fourth Class, and Reece who joins us in Fifth Class.

We welcome back Mrs. Shanley (formerly Ní Loingsigh who returns after a teacher exchange) to the SET and we welcome Ms Harrington as a permanent member of staff. Ms. Coffey continues in Junior Infants.

Congratulations to Ms. O’Mahony who married Denis Kelleher in August.

Summary of School Calendar 2019/2020 (please check carefully as there may be some additions!)

This school calendar is subject to amendment as the year progresses

e.g. Confirmation and we are also due to have a further Primary Language Curriculum Day this term.

We are due to receive the date of our Confirmation in the next couple of weeks

and you will be informed as soon as we know.

August 2019 School re-opens Thursday August 29th for children

October 2019 Finish for midterm on Friday October 25th

Closed for midterm from Monday October 28th to Friday November 1st

November 2019 School re-opens Monday November 4th

December 2019 Closing early for Christmas on Friday December 20th

January 2020 School re-opens Monday January 6th 2020

February 2020 Finish for midterm on Friday 14th

Closed for midterm from Monday 17th to Friday 21st February

School reopens Monday 24th February

March 2020 School closed for St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday March 17th

April 2020 Closing early for Easter holidays on Friday April 3rd

School reopens Monday April 20th

May 2020 School closed for May Bank Holiday Monday May 4th

May 2020 First Holy Communion Saturday May 16th at 10.30 am

June 2020 School closed for June Bank holiday Monday June 1st and Tuesday June 2nd

School finishes early on Friday June 26th

*early means 11.45 am for Juniors/Seniors/ SSLD + siblings and 12 noon for the rest of the school.



If for any reason your child requires regular administration of prescribed medicine while in school, please contact the school who will give you a copy of our policy. The policy outlines the procedure to be followed by parents who require the administration of medication for their children. This includes in particular children with asthma who may be carrying inhalers in to school. It is important to let the class teacher know.

Please note that non-prescription medicines are not permitted to be stored or administered in Shanbally N.S. in most circumstances. However individual cases can be considered once communicated to the class teacher. If over the summer your child has been diagnosed with any allergies or medical conditions that the school should be notified about, please let the class teacher know.


I would like to remind everyone that Shanbally NS is a nut free school and that our Allergies Policy is being reviewed and will be available to see on our website (website currently being updated).


  • BoysGirls:
  • Wine Official School Jumper with School Crest Wine Official School Jumper with School Crest
  • Grey Trousers Grey Pinafore, Grey slacks
  • Grey Shirt Grey Shirt
  • Wine Tie Wine Tie
  • School Tracksuit and grey polo-shirt.
  • School Shorts can be worn during warm weather, typically in June and September
  • Black shoes to be worn with the School Uniform.
  • Runners to be worn with School Tracksuit/ School Shorts
  • Official School Jumper and School Tracksuit are available from Buckleys/ Lauras Schoolwear, Douglas, Unit C1, Dosco Business Park, South Douglas Road, Cork. 021-4368210
  • Junior and Senior Infants: Uniform is worn on Monday and Tuesday. Tracksuit is worn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • 1st to 6th Class: Uniform is worn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tracksuit is worn on Thursday and Friday. (Unless in pre-arranged circumstances e.g. training)

We have certain spare uniform and tracksuit items in the Halla and the PA accept a small contribution if you’d like to make one. I know they are particularly short of small i.e. Junior Infant pants and other items. If you have any you might like to donate, they would be gratefully accepted.

For the next few weeks please bear in mind that given the current mild weather in September and the fact that some items are unavailable to purchase at the moment, the school tracksuit/ shorts/ polo shirt are interchangeable with the school uniform for comfort. Once we move beyond this flexible period, parents will be made aware that we are reverting back to normal policy in this regard.


Please check that you have submitted enrolment forms for any children due to start school in the next few years, 2020 in particular, as we will be commencing the enrolment process shortly and we need to establish the number of siblings that will be joining us.

Our Parents Association have asked us to communicate the following:

  • The Parent Association AGM is on next Monday September 9th at 8 pm. I srongly urge all parents to make a special effort to attend as it is important that all classes are equally represented. No-one will be strong-armed in to a PA position (we promise!).
  • Prior to the AGM there will be a presentation by Alan White (secondary school teacher in Bishopstown Community School) on the theme of Emotional Well-being and the launch of our “I CAN DO 30 day well-being challenge” booklet which is due to be rolled out across the school this term. While we understand the logistical challenges with child-minding etc., we urge strong attendance at this worthwhile, important presentation.
  • Sincere thanks to our PA for their ongoing work and in particular the presentation made to Ms. Kelly on her retirement.

Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Insurance: In Shanbally NS, all pupils are signed up for 24 hour, 365 day protection. This covers children while at school but also at home, at birthday parties, in the park, away on holidays and playing most sports. This cost is included in the back to school costs as requested on book lists. It covers children for medical and dental expenses which are incurred following an accident and which cannot be claimed from another source. This is great value and should be of great peace of mind to parents.

See for details of policy benefits and exclusions. For full details please consult their website. Of note is that the company will not pay any benefits in respect of accidental bodily damage arising from an insured person taking part in for example

  1. Quadbike riding or racing
  2. Motorbike riding
  3. Snow boarding
  4. Boxing, mixed martial arts or any martial art involving combat with an opponent unless it is in connection with school activities.


The majority of parents have paid monies due from booklists issued. Thank you very much for same. These monies go towards things such as the Allianz insurance listed above, stationery for different classes (as listed on the booklists), school journals (depending on classes), photocopying, arts and crafts supplies etc. We acknowledge that back to school is a very expensive time for all but would appreciate if parents could pay these in the next few days. A reminder will be sent via Aladdin Connect on Monday. Please let Ruth in the office know if you need a payment link issued again before then. I note that some parents have acknowledged that the monies are overdue and are paying them in installments which are very acceptable.

Aladdin School App:
Our school rolled out the Aladdin Schools Connect to parents/guardians of children in our classes last year. We use the Aladdin Schools software service for administrative purposes and Connect will give you secure access to messages from the school and to details of your child’s attendance, test results, reports cards etc. via secure login from your internet browser or Aladdin Connect App.

I am delighted to see that most parents have accessed Aladdin and we strongly encourage all parents who haven’t downloaded the App to do so as this year we will be using Aladdin Connect for permissions to go on various school outings/ travel to school matches etc. as well as accessing school reports. It has been broadly welcomed as more convenient for parents and school staff alike and it also saves the school money.

If you haven’t been able to successfully join up please let Ruth in the office know and she will try to sort it for you. We launched our on-line payment portal recently also and it seems to be working well. If you have had any issues using it please let us know and we will try to address any concerns raised.

We are assured that Aladdin Schools uses state-of-the-art security to safeguard information entered by the school and data is stored and processed in strict compliance with Irish and European data protection laws.

Car Parking:
As ever our main priority when it comes to parking and using the public carpark needs to be the safety of our children and all in the school community. I would urge all to observe the safety of others at all times especially when our Junior Infants finish at 1.30 pm from Monday September 16th. Please be vigilant that wayward parking doesn’t obstruct paths and walkways forcing children out on to the road.

Class WhatsApp Group One of these is set up by (and administrated by) parents in a class and it can serve to be a valuable reminder service for upcoming events etc. A JI parent has already volunteered to set up a Junior Infants one (thank you!) and she will be checking if parents have indicated permission to share phone numbers on Aladdin Connect. Perhaps parents could check that this box is ticked as it is also very useful for when it comes to birthday parties! Please let Ruth in the office know if you don’t want your contact number shared in this regard.

Kids Inc

A welcome back to Niamh Kinsella and her team from Kids Inc who opened their after school club last year. Please note that it is not too late to join. This year, new team member Neil Horgan joins Diane, who you will all know.

Likewise, there is the opportunity for anyone who wishes to use the service after their children finish some of our other in-house activities such as homework club, art and tennis. Art with Joanna is starting up shortly, there are poster up around the school with more information as is Tennis with Pat McCrann. Pat’s leaflets have been distributed over the last day or so.

Credit Union

Douglas Credit Union as in previous years are providing the option of a saving scheme for all students from Junior Infants to 6th class. The savings scheme will start back on Wednesday September 11th. Anyone wishing to join can do so by letting us know.

Thank you and best wishes to everyone for the coming school year.

David Nolan