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Principal’s Newsletter 2 : October 23rd 2017


Dear parents,

a few notes for you and some more dates for your diary. The recent bad weather played havoc with us all and I hope everyone managed to stay safe and get through it. Hopefully as we approach mid-term things will improve and the children can enjoy their time off.


Summary of School Calendar 2017/2018

Term 1

Mid-Term Break               Closing Friday 27th October                                                         

                                         Re-opening Monday November 6th

Nativity Play                     Thursday December 14th at 6.30pm

Christmas Holidays          Closing early Friday 22nd December

                                         Re-opening Monday 8th January


Term 2

Mid-Term Break               Closed Thursday 15th + Friday 16th February

Bank Holiday                   Monday 19th March for St. Patrick’s Day

Easter Holidays               Closing early (11.45/12) Friday 23rd March

                                         Re-opening Monday 9th April


Term 3

Confirmation                     Thursday April 26th

Discretionary Days             Closing Friday May 4th

                                            Re-opening Monday May 14th

First Holy Communion     Saturday May 19th

Bank Holiday                        Monday June 4th 

Summer Holidays                 Closing early (11.45/12) Friday 29th June



School Drop-Off & Collection

  • Gates are open by 8.35 a.m. If pupils arrive before then with the gates locked, they must wait at the front or side gate until opened by the Principal or a Teacher. The Board of Management accepts no responsibility for unsupervised children in the morning.
  • Children are requested to follow our “Meet and Greet” policy as they line up in their appropriate class lines. Official supervision begins at 8.35am.
  • All children should be on time in the morning to enable them to participate in the line-up of classes at 8.50 a.m. to hear various school announcements etc.
  • Parents are welcome to accompany their children in the mornings. To develop independence and self-management skills, we would encourage children, from an early age, to enter and prepare for class independently

The normal hours of finishing are

(i)            1.30 p.m. for Junior and Senior Infant classes.  

(ii)           2.30 p.m. for 1st to 6th classes

                             Parents can wait at the front or side gate for their children. If some parents would like to come in from 2.25 pm, that’s acceptable too.

  • All children should be off the school premises by 1.35 p.m. (Juniors + Seniors) or 2.35 p.m. (rest of school) as the BOM do not accept responsibility for children after these times.  If there is a genuine reason for being late, this should be explained to the Principal. If a phone call is made ahead of time, Ruth in the office will inform the class teacher who will assist in making arrangements until the parents arrive.
  • No responsibility will be taken for children who are collected at 1.30pm and who remain on school grounds after that time. Please note that children are not allowed anywhere on the grounds at this time. We respectfully request that all children stay off the grass areas and do not climb railings under any circumstances as it may distract from teaching that may be taking place outside at the time. At the 2.30 p.m. finish time children awaiting collection should remain on school grounds outside main door. No responsibility will be taken for children who leave the school grounds after 2.30p.m.
  • Car-pooling is encouraged and has huge benefits.


I would like to remind you to

  • please observe the no parking signs, cones and the yellow box
  • please don’t obstruct the footpath & entrance to the carpark as children are then forced to walk onto the road to get around the cars blocking the walkway.
  • please be mindful of reversing cars as children who run ahead of parents are unaware of the danger.
  • we try to operate the carpark in a one entrance, one exit manner i.e. entering closest to the school and exiting nearest to the shop. This helps make the carpark safer and operate better for all.


Our Parents Association have asked us to communicate the following: 

  • Hallowe’en Cake Sale on this Thursday in the Halla. For the benefit of new families, we kindly ask that all families do their best to supply home-baked or shop bought goods. These can be brought to the Halla in or around the school start time on Thursday morning. Obviously these baked goods should not contain nuts in accordance with our school policy. It would be very helpful if children were given labelled, lidded plastic containers for their purchases. Anyone supplying home baked goods in plastic containers or on plates, please label them if you would like them returned to you. Classes are brought over in a coordinated manner. Cakes are from 50cent each and most children buy 2 or 3 cakes or items.
  • Bag packing in Dunne’s Stores Carrigaline on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October. More bag-packers needed Friday (12.30-7)+Saturday (12-6). We could do with more volunteers! Please call Marie-Anne on 085-8549246. Thank you. Hopefully you can volunteer some time to help to make this event a great success.


Halloween Dress-Up

This Friday in keeping with tradition, all children can dress up in Hallowe’en costumes. There is no obligation to do so as we know some children don’t like dressing up. I’d ask that scary masks not be worn as they can frighten some of the younger children. We look forward to seeing what children (and staff) come in as!


School Shop

As in past years if students need copies, pens etc. there is a small shop in the school that has a supply of the copies, pencils etc. that we recommend. Copies cost 40 cent, pens 20c etc. During the day students get permission to access the school shop with permission from their class teacher.



Following our recent Open Night, we are turning our attention to our enrolment for 2018-2019. If you have a child for enrolment for these or other years please let us know if you haven’t already.


Parents Contribution

It was our intention to request the traditional voluntary family contribution at this time but given the recent financial challenges brought about by the recent adverse weather and resulting hardships, we will send home a request for this contribution after mid-term. In this request we will clarify aspects of the Allianz Pupil Personal School Insurance.


Credit Union

A reminder that the Credit Union is here every Tuesday and children are welcome to join at any stage.


Penny Dinners

As we get organised for Christmas and think of those who need assistance in our community, we will be collected boxes (shoe boxes may do!) for Penny Dinners (a Cork Charity).

We will be collecting these boxes in the Halla until November 17th 2017.

Thank you.



Note of condolences

We would like to offer our sincere condolences to staff members who recently lost family members.


Thank you and best wishes to everyone for the coming mid-term.

David Nolan