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Our busy 3rd Class !!

We’ve all been very busy at school over the past number of weeks, with all the extra-curricular activities that have taken place. In this page we include  accounts of some of these activities, which have been written by Third Class pupils.

Thank you and well done to the boys and girls in 3rd Class, for sharing such wonderful stories with us, on our website. Who knows, this may be the start of you career in journalism!!!



Active Schools Flag

One Thursday the children of Shanbally N.S. were in for a surprise. We were playing in the yard when Mr O’Mahony called up Barry and I and asked us to gather the active schools committee.

Once we had gathered them all we went into Mr O’Mahony’s room. He told us that the wrist bands had been delivered for everyone. Then he went to the back of the room and he pulled out the active school’s flag. At first no one knew what it was but then he opened it and we saw it was the FLAG. Everyone started cheering, he told us to shhhhh! as the others will hear us. After that we went out for the rest of our break. Then the bell rang and we all rushed into Mr O’Mahony’s room.

 We all gathered a part of the flag and he told us he would give us a signal so we stood behind the staff room so no one would see us. He went out into assembly and he told the school that the wrist bands have been delivered but we had another delivery (that was our signal). We walked out very carefully and showed the whole school the Active schools flag everyone started to cheer. Mr O’Mahony gave a speech on how everyone in the school had worked so hard to achieve this flag and we all earned it.

We took a few photos and after all the classes returned to their classes we did 2 victory laps with the flag. We are all very happy and proud of ourselves.

By Maeve Lillis




Climb the heights

 Climb the heights is about skipping. Every skip is counted as one metre. In the yard we have to do as many skips as how many metres tall a mountain is. There was a board in the hall to record what classes climbed the highest mountain in each country in Europe.

Our class skipped as high as  Mullhacen in Spain, Mollehoj in Denmark and Ta Dmejerek in Malta.

Climb the heights was really fun and we had a really good time doing it.

By James Moore

                                                  THE END


Fota Wildlife Park

On November 23rd  Third Class  went on a trip to Fota Wildlife Park. This was not our school tour, but it was an extra tour for us, in November, to learn about how they re-use and recycle, in Fota. We attended a workshop called “Going Green, Staying Green”. We travelled there by bus.

We went behind the scenes to the kitchen and we learned how they made the food for the animals. They told us why they feed them more vegetables than fruit. The reason is that vegetables are much healthier for them than fruit. Fruit has a lot of sugar in it. We saw animals like cheetahs, giraffes, ostriches and much more. We also visited the giraffes in their houses.

When we got on the bus to go back to school Miss Tuohy showed us a little gift that Mr Nolan bought for us. He got pencils and notebooks for everybody, the gift shop at Fota.

When we got back to class we made cards to thank Fota for the wonderful day we had. We got no homework and we all had a great day.

The End

By Grace Deasy


Colm  taught  us gymnastics this year. He was nice and funny but sometimes strict.

For the first few weeks the class did forward rolls. Then a few weeks later

We did handstands and cartwheels. We learned a routine as well.  The routine was

Forward roll, pike-sit,  back support,  front support,  half turn,  cartwheel and handstand. For

the last few weeks we did spring board. The jump that we did was a tuck jump.

Gymnastics was really fun!!

By Elisa Donegana


                          Irish Dancing

    In school we got to do Irish dancing with Miah. Miah is a really kind person.  He teaches Irish dancing in Carrigaline Co. Cork.

When we arrived we were put into groups of eight. There were four boys and four girls in each group.  We learned the “Haymaker’s Jig”.We did Irish dancing for a few Tuesdays. We had lots of fun and  we didn’t want it to stop.

We learned a dance called “The Bridge Of Athlone” and another where you have to take two steps to the right and two more steps to the left and so on……  We got to do one dance with second class. We had a super time.

                 THE END BY NIAMH MIDDLETON!!!

The Maths Quiz

One day we teamed up with fifth class to do a maths quiz. We did the maths quiz in the Halla . There were two children from third class and two people from fifth class on each team. The teachers asked us roughly 25-30 questions. Our team answered the most questions correctly, so we won the maths quiz, with 29 questions answered correctly. We got prizes for winning the quiz and also our photo was on the newspaper.

By  Matthew Nyhan



Our class did orienteering for active schools week. My partner was Isobelle. First we had to find the numbers all around the school.

Isobelle  could understand the map but  I could not understand the map at all, so, luckily she told me how to read it.  After the Orienteering  Isobelle got a sheet that you have to find something interesting. Isobelle and I were the first people to finish. Then MS Tuohy gave us a job to organise the maps and the sheets. MS Tuohy said that we were like working in a  shop.

I had a great day thanks to Active Schools  Committee.

The end

By Nadine Clinton


Our Walk to Ringaskiddy

On Friday 9th of June we walked from Shanbally N.S to Ringaskiddy playground .We had to cross lots of dangerous roads.  We took lots of photos as we walked down.  Then we finally got there and we had lunch on the grass. We then went to play with second class near the trees.

Next  we went to Ms. Tuohy’s house and had ice pops. We then got to go into the playground for a little while. After that, we walked back to school. We had a great day at Ringaskiddy.

The End

By Adam O’Sullivan


Our School Tour By Aaron

We had our school tour on a very enjoyable Thursday with an even more amazing tour ahead. The sun was blazing down.  The third and fourth class of Shanbally National School were very excited- they just couldn’t wait for the fun day ahead.

So they jumped into the bus and zoomed to the Lifetime Lab. We began with an experiment and then we got a tour around the old water plant. There was a quiz Isobelle Nadine and Niamh won the quiz. They begin treating water with a big net that catches the big bits of dirt and rubbish. Next they use sand to get the rest of the dirt out of the water. Soon after they use chemicals to kill the bacteria in the water and then it goes to your home!

We drove in our bus to Cork City Gaol. We saw wax models of all of the prisoners they were a bit creepy! Then we tried a cell Adam just about saved us from a year in the slammer by putting his foot in front of the door and stopping the teachers from closing it phew! We then went into a room and we watched a historical movie it was all about the gaols history it was really cool!

After that we went to Mc Donalds we ate our food it was very tasty. When we were done we got into the bus. And we drove to our next location… Bowling!

We bowled like crazy getting splits and strikes and all kind of things the lights were out the only lights going were cool coloured ones. After an hour or so we began driving home.

When we got back we were greeted by our parents and drove off after a great school tour!

By Aaron Kearney 3rd class


Sports day

On Friday Shanbally N.S had a sports day. There were six different teams. The teams were yellow, blue, black, white, green and red. There were many events for us to enjoy. There was a sack race, egg and spoon races, the shoe race and many more.

At first, third class did tug of war, coached by a man called Dan, who is the President of the All-Ireland Tug-of-War Association. Earlier on in the year a guy called Anthony came to teach us about it, so we knew the technique.

Then we did the potato and spoon race. Then we got ice-cream from the ice-cream van and it was very tasty. Then we did the bean bag race and the javelin and the discus.

 After that we did the “Welly throw” and  this was followed by lunch. Soon after that we did the shoe race and then the sack race, which was great fun. Then we did the wheel barrow race. Nadine and I were partners, but we were very clumsy because we kept falling during the race. Then the biggest event of the day was going to start and  it was the water race. The water race is when all the colours come together to make six  big teams. In the end the red team won and became the 2017 champions.

Sports day was one of the best days of the year and I had a great day.

The end

By Isobelle Coughlan



The first week I went to Bishopstown pool with the school was on a Monday. We went on a double- decker bus to Leisure world. When we got to Leisure world we got changed. Then we sat into the pool and started  to do the front crawl.

After that, my friend Harry and I were told to move up to the deep end. In the deep end my group was quite nervous, but our instructor Thomàs said our lungs were like balloons and you would come straight back up.

My group were allowed to pencil-dive or cannon ball into the pool. We made two lines of six. Harry and I were first to jump in. Harry and I both pencil-dived in and we started to do back stroke. Over weeks and weeks we got better and better. On our second last week we were doing breast stroke and we were swimming like dolphins. Swimming is very physical. I learnt lots of new strokes

The end

By Euan Clarke

3rd class



A few weeks ago third class got a visit from Mr Brynes, taekwon-do instructor and he was doing taekwon-do for 30 years.

Mr Brynes taught us kicks punches and some of us even got to break boards. There are some people in our class who go to Taekwon-do and learned some new things.

Adam, Isobelle and Euan had turns to break the boards and they all broke them.  Not everyone got a turn but we still had fun. Adam tried to break a senior board but he was not able to break it. Mr Brynes showed that he could break it with his fist and he did!

After that we all bowed and said thank you to Mr Brynes and we got our pictures taken with the taekwon-do gear and we went home. It was a great day.


The Girls’ Indoor Football

One day the girls in third class in Shanbally N.S. had an indoor football blitz. Before the day we had a few training sessions.  For example we practiced hand-passing and kicking the ball.

Then the day had come. The girls were so excited. There were two drivers.  I went with Kim (Isobelle’s mom). The drive up was great fun. When we got there, we went to our dressing rooms. There were 3 or 4 games for us to play. One of them was against the Gael Scoil. For one of the matches Elizabeth and I were playing up front, we worked great as a team. We won 2 of our matches. After the matches we went back to our dressing rooms. Ms O’Mahony told us we played very well.

We went back to school in the same cars and when we got back to school we realised we had missed the whole day of school. The day was great fun.

By Maeve Lillis


The Mile Challenge

On Wednesday 14th of June at 2:00 3rd class went up to the track for the school mile challenge. We did it for Active Schools week and some of the committee set up cones and measured the length of a mile

We had to do 4 laps of a rectangle. Mr O’ Mahony timed us and we could either run, walk  or jog.  Barry and Cian even got the same times

When we were finished we all enjoyed it but we were very tired. When we were back in the classroom  we took a drink and then we all went home.

                                                 The end

By Michael O’Reilly



We got a new rope for Tug-of-War in our school. On that day 3rd class got a Tug-of-War lesson from a man called Anthony. He showed us the indoor shoes that you wear for tug-of-war. He put us into teams to do Tug-of-War matches. Our class had a tournament .

Anthony gave us a lot of hints. He showed us how to start pulling together. My team won a good few games.

On sport day a friend of Barry’s dad, called  Dan came to help us with the  Tug-of-War. He is the President of the Tug-of-War  in Ireland. We had another tournament and Dan was the judge. He told us lots more about Tug-of-War. Next year we can enter a school’s competition. We had great fun.





On Wednesday we went to Zumba. The Zumba class was held by two people in the halla. Those two people were both girls. Suddenly, we found out that they weren’t just ordinary girls but, they were talented indeed. Mrs Tuohy brought us into the halla for great fun.

Mr Nolan organised the zumba to happen. We learned lots of new moves. Then, after a few minutes we got to do the dab. The dab was great fun. My least favourite move was when we had to turn one way and move our both hands up and down.

The two girls were nice and kind. We even got to dance the song “Thats My Sico”. It was great fun to do it. 

By Niamh Middleton


“Active schools flag” by Maeve Lillis

“Climbing the heights” by James


“Fota” by Grace Deasy

Taekwon-do by Donncha


Swimming by Euan


Zumba by Niamh

Sports day by Isobelle

“Maths Quiz” by Matthew

“Gymnastics” by Elisa

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Tug of War by Harry

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