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Charity Walk on Friday, June 9th

June 7th 2017:  Charity Walk on Friday, June 9th 


Dear parents,

We mentioned in our last newsletter about the fundraising charity walk on Friday June 9th, tying in with our Active Schools Programme. Junior Infants to 5th class will take part in a walk for Breakthrough Cancer Research ( Weather permitting it is our intention to walk from Shanbally to Ringaskiddy via the main road. Each class group will be supervised by their class teacher and other staff. We plan for the Juniors/ SSLD to head off first at 11.30 accompanied by 5th class. At 11.45 Senior Infants/SSLD will start walking, followed by 1st and 2nd at 12 noon. 3rd and 4thclasses will leave the school at 12.15pm. Once we reach the Ringaskiddy playground we will let the children have their lunch and relax. School staff will supervise the children. If needs be,  children will be brought across to the Ringaskiddy Community Hall to the bathroom. Parents of Junior and Senior Infants are being asked to collect their children from Ringaskiddy playground at 1.30pm sharp instead of at the school. The remaining classes will walk back to school and go home at 2.30pm as usual.

Our PA has kindly offered any assistance we need to supervise crossing along the way, especially at roundabouts, and anywhere else needed. Of course we would love to have parents along to walk with us on the day but please note that children will be within their class groups and under the direct supervision of school staff.

On the bottom of this page is a permission slip to allow children to take part. Please sign + return cut-off slip. Having already donated to our pedal-power event this year and other community fundraisers we will not be giving sponsorship cards out. Instead Breakthrough Cancer Research has kindly supplied each class room with a collection jar and children can bring in loose change/ donations if they like.

Please note:

  • Children should wear school tracksuits.
  • Children should bring a small carry bag for their lunch/drink for the walk and lunch in the playground.
  • Weather depending, please apply sun-screen/ wear hats/ rain jackets.
  • Children who may require medication such as inhalers should bring them along and inform their teacher.


Please sign and return to allow your child to take part in the walk

Charity Walk to Ringaskiddy

I give permission for my child/ children _________________________ to walk with their class to the Ringaskiddy playground on Friday June 9th

Name: _______________________        Date:  ____________________